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Pipe, bar, profiles production
Pipe, bar, profiles of the production process is generally: first by hot extrusion billets made, and then rolled (or stretched), finishing and heat treatment of finished products. Hot extrusion method can also be made directly to the finished product, it has been the development of short-length ingot ingot extrusion, extrusion pressure by the extruder with a diameter ingot unified by the tongue-shaped porthole die and mold various extruded profiles, pipes, products length up to 60 meters, after the tension leveling, cut to the desired length. The largest extruder for aluminum production was 20,000 tons. 800 mm in diameter can be extruded ribbed tube. Building Material was developed in the 60s of the extruded product, the total extrusion products accounted for more than 35%, of which 80% is used as door frames. Building Material almost entirely Mg-Si alloy (LD30 and LD31). This article by anodic oxidation and coloring process, an oxide film formed on the surface of various colors, with good corrosion resistance, made from beautiful and durable windows and doors, sealing well. In addition to hot extrusion, but also developed a cold extrusion, isothermal extrusion, no residual material extrusion and hydrostatic extrusion method (see colored aluminum oxide).
Aluminium and aluminum extrusion using forward and reverse extrusion extrusion method. Suitable extrusion speed should be selected according to different alloys. In order to obtain good performance organization and aluminum extrusion products, when once finished extrusion, profile extrusion bars coefficient (λ) greater than 8 to 12, for forging billets λ greater than 5. Extrusion die for extrusion product quality greatly. Extruded rods, profiles commonly used in flat die, the pipe is commonly used conical die. Complex shape hollow extruded profiles and tubes, the widespread use of Porthole Die and the tongue-shaped mold. Some liquid nitrogen cooling extrusion die mold extend the life of products and to ensure the accuracy of a mold can squeeze 30 tons of aluminum. Some aluminum extrusion products prone to "coarse-crystalline," that article after heat treatment, a layer of coarse grains appear surrounding area. Extrusion temperature can be alleviated. After some of the heat treatment can be enhanced by an aluminum alloy extruded product solution and aging treatment, improve strength and ductility decrease.
Tube drawing using multiple fast disk and drum stretch, floating plug coil stretching machine reel diameter of 630 to 2900 mm, stretched tube diameter of up to 40 to 50 mm. SLIDE tensile force of 16 to 18 tons, a tensile speed of 24 m / min, machining pass rate is generally 25 to 40%, such a process for producing pipe lengths up to 6000 meters.

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