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Demand increased year by year in the aluminum industry
Due to the development of China in recent years, large-scale high-speed railway, the demand in the aluminum industry increased year by year. As of 2010, China's high-speed railway operating mileage has reached 7531 km, 2011, operating range of up to 8810 km, the total mileage of the world's high-speed rail is more than 1/3. 2015 national high-speed railway traffic mileage will reach 16,000 km, almost equivalent to the total mileage of foreign high-speed rail. Research institutions is expected in 2012 the total number of high-speed rail train cars Production in China will increase to section 2400; in 2012 the total number of subway cars will increase production section 2800, which will reach the total number of aluminum car section 2000.
Railways ambitious plan is to stimulate high-end industrial aluminum production enterprises to be launched one after another of aluminum alloy car manufacturing projects, is committed to the development of the tide in this round of rail traffic to grab a slice.

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