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The proportion of industrial aluminum consumption will grow
In recent years, with the survival of the fittest competition and strengthen further play the role of market mechanism to rectify and standardize the market order government efforts, China aluminum industry in the rapid growth of the total, while the internal structure has undergone significant changes, industry began to mature. According to statistics, the number of domestic manufacturers of aluminum extrusions from a peak of more than 1,200 reduced to more than 700, while a large number of low-level of product technology, poor quality, low-grade small-scale aluminum processing plants have been gradually phased out. At the same time, a large section, large tonnage, technologically advanced extrusion machine starts in China, and surface treatment technology from the previous single color, rare species, poor quality status, to multicolor colorful, full range of high-quality direction development of. At present, China has crossed the aluminum extrusions industry in volume growth characterized early stage of development, initially entered in order to improve the intrinsic quality of products, rich product range, relying on a new stage of comprehensive strength to participate in market competition.

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